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  Teardrops of Trust

Teardrops of Trust

by Cindy L. Heflin


Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your path straight.   Prov 3:5-6


My friend Lisa sat at my kitchen table with a cappuccino in her hand and a faraway look in her eyes. Her somber expression revealed the pain of her broken heart.

I listened compassionately as Lisa spilled her anguish. A chronic illness, a rebellious teenage son, a marriage shattered beyond repair.

“My life is hopeless,” she sighed. “Why has God abandoned me?” Staring into her cup, she continued, “I pray, but how can I trust God when nothing ever changes?”

"I'm so sorry for your struggles, Lisa." I said softly. "You know, I once felt trapped in a hopeless situation, too."

"Really?” she said. “I find that hard to believe. Your faith in Christ is always so strong."

"Well, if you have time for another cappuccino, I'll tell you about it." She handed me her cup.

"Years ago, as a wife and mother of two young children, I developed a debilitating chronic illness. For weeks I endured persistent flu-like symptoms, unrelenting fatigue, and constant pain. My condition progressed. Despite all the medical tests I received, doctors found no explanation and placed me on complete bed-rest. Worse symptoms followed."

"Though desperate to recover, my strength diminished as the stress on my family mounted. Barely able to care for myself, I could do little for—or with, my girls. Eventually, my husband took full responsibility for our home and children. I felt hopeless of ever being the wife and mother I desired to be."

Lisa's blue eyes widened with attention. "I had no idea!” she said. "What did you do?"

"Well, the more difficult circumstances became, the more difficult it  became for me to trust God. After a year of chronic illness and unanswered prayer, I felt completely abandoned by Him. My misery and determination to find a way out escalated!"

"Yeah, but your faith is so strong.” Lisa reasoned. “I'm sure you never felt angry with God for being trapped in a hopeless situation."

"Oh Lisa, unfortunately I did. My heart was filled with frustration and discouragement toward God. He had obviously given up on me, so I focused on solving this crisis—my way”

"I saw doctor after doctor, had myriads of tests run, and read every medical book available, but nothing helped. After two stressful years, a specialist confirmed my greatest fears. ‘There’s nothing I can do,’ he stated.  'You'll have to live with this disease—for the rest of your life.' My search for hope crashed to a dead end.”

"What did you do then?” Lisa asked.

"I was devastated! With my heart full of pain and despair, I longed to feel God's presence once more. For the first time in months, I began to pray, read my Bible, and listen to Christian music, but nothing changed. Emotional and physical pain consumed me."

"Several months passed. One evening my family went out with friends, and once again—I was left behind. A steamy bubble bath was the only solace for my weary body and spirit.”

"While soaking, I prayed again for release from my torture, desperate to return to the One whose love never fails. Suddenly I remembered this long-forgotten spiritual truth: God Is Sovereign.

This is true, my heart agreed. And if God is Sovereign, I reasoned, then this problem is not His punishment—but part of His purpose for my life. Still I wondered, How could God possibly use this devastating disease for good!?

Though trembling with fear, I knew what I needed to do. Summoning all the courage within me, I surrendered my broken life into His hands as I prayed. ‘Father, You are Sovereign. Even if I have to live like this—for the rest of my life—I’m going to trust you unconditionally!' 

Teardrops of trust tumbled down and my heart felt the peace of God's presence once more!”

"Instantly, the chains of bondage broke loose and my eyes were opened to the truth! The discouragement in my heart had turned me away from God, just when I needed Him most. Who wants you to think like that, God or the Enemy? I asked myself. Satan’s cruel deception was now revealed!

“That night, I slept peacefully for the first time in two years! The next morning God took my hand and led me on the path toward healing, wholeness and transformation!"

"I want to trust Him," Lisa whispered, "but fear keeps holding me back. What if nothing improves?"

"You know, Lisa—God never promised a trouble-free life, but He does promise to carry us through every trial—when we place our trust in Him alone.”

Lisa closed her eyes. "Will you pray with me?” she asked.

We bowed our heads, and teardrops of trust tumbled down.


Sometimes, when life spirals out-of-control, trusting God is the most difficult challenge of all. Doubt and fear often cloud our minds, just when we need Him most. When life is uncertain, we must be diligent to remember:

God's love is unconditional,

His wisdom is infinite,

And His sovereignty is perfect!

In this world we will have trouble, but trusting God unconditionally is always the best response. Our Heavenly Father is ever faithful to those who trust in his unfailing love!


Praise the Lord, O my soul and forget not all his benefits—who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion. Psalm 103:2-4


Heavenly Father, please forgive me for failing to trust in You, Your wisdom and Your sovereignty when life is difficult and uncertain. I surrender all my cares to you right now Lord, and trust that you are always at work for my best. Please fill me with your peace, comfort, and joy this very day. Amen.

Excerpt from Experiencing the Great I Am, by Bryant & Cindy Heflin, Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, MI. Copyright © 2005, Bryant & Cindy Heflin, All rights reserved

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