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  Beth Moore

beth moore

Beth Moore

Excerpt from Experiencing the Great I Am


“It was a parent’s worst nightmare, and it barreled out of control so fast, our heads were left spinning. Melissa was not a troubled child. She was a deeply loved, very well-adjusted child who had received countless accolades for her successes in all sorts of areas. She was a darling size 6 who couldn’t have cared less how many French fries she ate. Then suddenly, through a toxic cocktail of just the right conditions, her little world started quaking. The first I realized the pressure girls her age were under was a year or so earlier when I took both her and her sister to a nice mall in Houston to try on prom dresses. I took two completely happy, well-adjusted size 6 daughters into the mall, and two hours later left with two terribly depressed teenagers who were convinced they were fat and ugly. I was so mortified over the mannequins in the windows that I finally checked the dress size on one of them. It was a 2. The girls seemed to forget the trauma over the next few days, but I never could get the experience out of my head. A red flag started waving, but I also knew I had to be careful not to overreact or try to overly control them.”

                                                                           —Beth Moore


From: Experiencing the Great I Am, by Bryant & Cindy Heflin, Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, MI. Copyright © 2005, Bryant & Cindy Heflin. All rights reserved


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